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Tap Your Ability to Communicate with Spirits

Available through iOS and Android, Spirit Dice is a free mobile game that helps you utilize your ability to communicate with spirits. It even exercises your brain to help you think faster, smarter, and find psychic messages hidden in everyday life.

Be Sure That the Whole Phone Is Filled Up with the Alphabetical Dice, Before Moving the Letters to Form Your Word!

Harness the Power of Oracle Cards

Simply tap the "Find the Connection" option on Spirit Dice and oracle cards will be revealed to help you identify what kind of connection is reaching out to you that day. The app comes pre-loaded with several different oracle cards:

Dreamtime Oracle Card

The Dreamtime oracle card shows that you should try keeping a journal of upcoming dreams. Keep a notepad near your bed to write down any psychic message received while sleeping.

The Spirit in the Glass Oracle Card
The Spirit in the Glass

Be on the lookout for glasses or transparent containers of liquid. You can even try meditating while looking at a glass daily to see the message or visitor alluded to in the oracle card.

Butterfly Oracle Card

When you see a butterfly, it's a sign that a loved one who has passed is trying to give you a message. Now you will know when to pay attention and look for it!

Nature Spirits Oracle Card
Nature Spirits

Go out and get in touch with nature. Reflect on the wonders around you, from the smallest insects to the largest trees, and your message should be made clear.

The Penny Oracle Card
The Penny

If you see a penny on the ground, be on the lookout for a message from a deceased loved one who is thinking of you. Whoever it is, they have left the penny for you to find.

Rainbow Bridges Oracle Card
Rainbow Bridges

Watch for prisms of colors in your home or elsewhere. These are often signs of our ancient elders who are reaching out from the other side.

Angel Oracle Card

The angel means you are going to be getting a visit from your angel today. You can call upon your angels to help you with any situation that is mentally or emotionally taxing.

Photograph from a Spirit Oracle Card
Photograph from a Spirit

This means when you have someone you care about, either passed or still living, they would like you to pick up a photo of them. You should find old pictures and seal the memories in your heart.

Third Eye Oracle Card
Third Eye

We all have a third eye that helps us to see through the illusions of life. This oracle card means your third eye is more perceptive at the moment, and you should tap into it with meditation.

Aport Oracle Card

You will find a lost object that means something to you from a loved one on the other side. If you have a keepsake from a deceased loved one, you should hold it and feel their love.

Feather Oracle Card

You will find a feather on the ground somewhere outside. This means that your spirits or angels are currently around you and watching.

Psychometry Oracle Card

Hold the object of a loved one who has passed and feel the vibration of that person from the other side. This can be an object left by the loved one or something you associate with them.

Touch from a Spirit Oracle Card
Touch from a Spirit

You will feel a slight touch on your shoulder from a loved one on the other side. Don't be startled, they just want to let you know they are still with you.