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My name is Jane and I am professional Psychic and Medium.

Jane Voneman Medium and Psychic

I have an article featured in Avon Lake Magazine and I have published two books and a local television show. My show is called, “Honor the Magic Within”. I have had guest appearances in my show with John Oliver. True TV’s Haunting Evidence and Doreen Virtue.

My connection with angels and my guides and the spirit world help me in my readings.

I have had a near death experience and that is where I saw an angel. I use psychometry a tool psychics use. I also am a visionary so I will get visions to give you accurate message. I have the gift of of clairvoyance (healing) which means I will hear messages and clairvoyance which means I will see the deceased and be able to collect accurate information from the spirit world. I give you answers to all your questions. I can retrieve information by meditation and dreams. I do phone readings and personal readings out of my home.

I also have the ability as a medical intuitive. I do talks and am a certified Reiki master and healer. I connect with my spirit guides to help give you information that you are seeking.
I also use frequencies and vibrations to achieve your goals. I help you to keep your thoughts and words on a positive note realizing you can achieve all of your goals.

My book, “Tune into The Magic Within” can be purchased online at

I also sell my books personally in my home.

In my local television show I have interviewed celebrity psychics and people dealing
with ghost encounters and the paranormal.

I have done over 2,000 readings in the past year and my psychic abilities help
so many people to feel better and to make better decisions regarding Love, Relationships and Career. I help people to connect with deceased loved ones on the other side. They come through in my readings and I can see them. They will give me messages that the person I am reaching can relate to. This comforts many people.

You can reach Jane Voneman at 440-933-7566 or toll free at 1-888-585-5567